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just gonna say this: if someone has social anxiety and they ask you something akin to ‘are you mad at me’ or ‘do you hate me’, it isn’t because they don’t trust you, it’s because their brain literally tells them that all the time

it’s not a personal slight, it’s insecurity caused by mental illness




College AU


"And for your homework tonight, I expect a two page essay on the circle of hell of your choice. Explain its significance and why you think Dante placed it in that particular order," Kathryn dictated, watching her students gather their books and prepare to leave her classroom. She removed her…

"Okay," she replied softly, gazing into his chocolate brown eyes. She then collected herself and spoke again.

"Actually, I’m glad I bumped into you. I was wondering if you’d like to arrange a time and date to meet together. We have discuss our class next semester. Since we’ll be teaching a combined class together, I think it would be a good idea to meet over coffee and get to know each other. It’ll help us get more in sync and we’ll be able to understand each other’s strength and flaws."

While she was speaking, she could see some of the female students walking by giving the tall man slightly adoring gazes. It was no joke that Professor Alberto was considered one of the more attractive professors on campus and he had many admirers, both male and female…even if he didn’t seem to be aware of such affection.

"What do you say? Would you like to?" she asked again.



“When you thank someone, aren’t you seizing the moral authority? By reminding them of their power, aren’t you asserting your own?”
Sadie Stein on Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca and portraits of shyness in English literature.
| "Once upon a December"
Oi... What's wrong? Don't say you're "fine." Rely on this anon, a little bit.
─ Anonymous

Okay. I’ll try…

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I am so sorry to all the people I hurt while I was hurting.

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